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Voice & Data Cabling

Comb Those Tangled Wires

Caspian IT Group designs and installs structured cabling systems, providing CAT5e and CAT6 solutions to connect data and voice across networks. We use industry labeling standard TIA-606-B, we test all cables, and we certify each to ensure cable quality.

Infrastructure relocation or redesign might seem like a daunting task, but our team of qualified experts offers assurance. We evaluate your bandwidth requirements and existing resources before offering a recommendation that is based on your IT needs.

Receive Detailed Diagrams

Once we patch and certify each cable, we generate reports of work performed with comprehensive diagrams of your new network and server room. Our documentation offers a level of transparency, accountability, and understanding that will meet your expectations.

Move, renovate, or expand your office with confidence, knowing that a team of smart, capable professionals are managing your IT foundation. We certify all of our work, ensuring the scalability and efficiency of your network environment.

Certified. Licensed. Insured.

 California C-7 Low Voltage License # 995801

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