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We offer comprehensive IT consulting and managed services to small and mid-sized businesses. Our expert solutions are tailored to your specific needs in order to maximize the return on your IT investment. With Caspian IT Group, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. We provide you with detailed monthly and annual reports on your network, offering a level of transparency, accountability, and guidance that you can’t get from others.

Our job is to ensure the reliability, effectiveness, and security of your IT infrastructure. From technology procurement plans to total support at a fixed cost, we handle all aspects of IT.

We expertise in these fields

IT Consulting

Chances are, your existing IT systems aren’t doing what they should to propel your business forward. We’ll evaluate your network performance and ongoing business needs to recommend a plan that will get you the most out of your IT budget.

Network Design

Do staff productivity levels drop dramatically during network outages, interruptions, or security failures? Supported by Caspian IT Group’s team of experienced IT professionals, your network will never be a hindrance to productivity and growth.

Managed Services

Caspian IT Group equips you with cost-effective management to meet your business needs. While traditional network maintenance results in resurfacing problems that are costly to repair, our preventative approach eliminates downtime, data loss, and security threats.

Voice & Data Cabling

Caspian IT Group designs and installs structured cabling systems, providing CAT5e and CAT6 solutions to connect data and voice across networks. We use industry labeling standard TIA-606-B, we test all cables, and we certify each to ensure cable quality.

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