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Chances are, your existing IT systems aren’t doing what they should to propel your business forward. We’ll evaluate your network performance and ongoing business needs to recommend a plan that will get you the most out of your IT budget. Our expert advice will allow you to consider your options and explore the full potential of your systems.

We make technology work hard for you, so you can focus on what matters.

Receive Comprehensive Documentation

Our expert services are tailored to your specific needs with the goal of maximizing the return on your IT investment. When we perform an initial Cost Analysis of your systems, we offer a report detailing the areas in which you can reduce expenditures while boosting efficiency. We then provide you with a Solution Report that explains our long-term plan for your business.

IT assets are the soles of your feet. Each stride impacts the journey to success and peace of mind for companies in any industry, and we can get you there.

With Caspian IT Group, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. In addition to our ongoing management services, we provide you with detailed monthly and annual reports on your network, offering a level of transparency, accountability, and guidance that you can’t get from others

Cut Telephone Costs by up to 80%

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that uses the internet to connect phone calls. When you can use your own high speed internet connection, why pay for an expensive telephone service?

  • Make unlimited local and long distance calls to the USA and Canada. International calls are also supported

  • Share a single VoIP system among multiple locations for a centralized point of contact.

  • Connect anywhere with a telephone set, computer, or mobile device. 

VoIP is a secure, cost-effective alternative to traditional phone systems. Access a full range of features, including caller ID, automated attendant, call hold, call forwarding, and much more.

Why give phone companies money when you can dedicate more revenue to growing your business?

Especially since VoIP’s full-range features trump traditional phone systems, you have everything to gain.

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