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Network Design


Do staff productivity levels drop dramatically during network outages, interruptions, or security failures? Supported by Caspian IT Group’s team of experienced IT professionals, your network will never be a hindrance to productivity and growth.

Your IT systems should be secure, reliable, and efficient. Speak with us to reduce the financial impact of IT failure on your business.

Maximize Protection With a DVS System

Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) systems are reliable and long-lasting. Recordings can be accessed or transmitted onsite and remotely at any time. Camera presence alone discourages intrusion. When more than your data needs protection, DVS systems offer physical security for your business and property.

Contact Us to schedule a quick site survey. We’ll design, install, and maintain it for you.


Network Design3

Discover an alternative: expand your network capacity while reducing liability, hardware count, and energy consumption.

Virtual environments reduce risk to your business by maintaining multiple copies of company data both onsite and offsite. This redundancy allows one virtual machine to step in and resume tasks in the event another fails–all while employees experience an uninterrupted computing environment.

Virtualization demonstrates “accomplishing more with less” in every sense of the phrase. Advance your infrastructure to enjoy worry-free enterprise.

Cloud Services

Replicate your applications and data to eliminate risk of loss or corruption.


This package comprises onsite, managed backup implementation. Critical company data is copied and stored on external storage devices for easy recovery in the event of disasters.

Network Design4


This option is an add-on to the package above. Increase accessibility and preserve data integrity by replicating your backup, email, application, file management, and other servers offsite.

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